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Product Description

AUTO-VOX Truly wireless backup camera.AUTO-VOX Truly wireless backup camera.

Why Choose TW1 wireless backup camera?

All-in-one camera simplified the unnecessary accessories.Truly wireless without wiring the reverse light for power-upBuilt-in 3350Mah rechargeable battery for recycling usingDigital wireless for stable & real-time image720P HD monitor for better view presentationSuper night vision for parking safetyDual channel support for monitor/reverse use4 image flip (Normal/Mirror/Up/down) for selection6 adjustable guidelines for different road conditions

Flexible camera positionFlexible camera position

Adjustable camera position opens up more possibilities

TW1 backup camera applies to the all-in-one design, you can snap it into the top/bottom of the license plate, no worry about against the regulations of the relevant laws because of blocking the license plate light

Also, you can mount/stick the camera on the car front, rear, side, or in the car to meet your needs, it can work with varieties of car models under 33ft in length, like SUV, Pickup, Minivan, Truck.

Note: The wireless transmission is 33ft, for the oversize car, we suggested you install the camera on the front or side. If you want to extend the wireless transmission range, please purchase the extension antenna separately.

High compatibilityHigh compatibility







More Durable Camera

Equipped with the IP68 waterproof standard, this backup camera will allow you to drive on foggy, rainy, or snowy days without worrying about water damage.

Suitable Wide Angle

115-degree covers around 3 lanes behind your car, which is enough for you to see all obstacles when reversing or parallel parking.

Upgraded New Bracket

We re-design the bracket with a superior silicone material, which has stronger viscidity and can withstand the high temperature up to 185℉.







Slide-out to disassemble

TW1 can be slide out from the bracket even when it is installed on the license plate, it is easy to disassemble to recharge the battery

Note: We prepared the anti-thief screw in the package, which can be used at the bottom of the bracket, so there is no need to worry the backup camera will be stolen from others.

USB Port Charging

The battery comes with the USB port at the bottom, you can connect the power cable with a power bank or power plug, easy and flexible to charge it.

Note: Please fully charge your backup camera kit before first use. Also, please not lose the camera cap when charging.

Solar Charging Support

You can add the solar panel onto the camera to work with, the solar panel will transfer the sunlight into electricity to power the battery directly, avoid the battery dead issues.

Note: the solar panel is not included in the package, please purchase it separately at our store.

What's in packageWhat's in package

All-in-One Backup Camera: Compact wireless transmitter, antenna technology into one camera design. The camera is powered by the built-in 3350Mah rechargeable battery directly, which ensures it can work independently and performs well even without connecting the car circuit.
Stable&Real-time Image: Digital wireless technology brings you a stable and real-time image with no interference even under the car speeds up to 50-60 mph, you can activate it for reversing or monitoring at any time.
Upgrade 720P HD Monitor: 5” LCD monitor with 720P resolution delivers a more colorful and delicate image at daytime and night. You can see the things clearly around your car, which can eliminate the blinds spots efficiently to improve driving safety.
2 Camera Channel Support: TW1 can be paired with 2 cameras to work. You can order an external add-on camera to be used as a baby monitor in the car, as a backup camera for the trailer, or as a front camera to see what’s in front of you.

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