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cheese board cheese server cheese trey cheese board cheese server cheese trey

cheese board cheese server cheese treycheese board cheese server cheese trey

A Thoughtful Gift

Housewarming Gift

Housewarming Gift

Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gift

Bridal Shower Gift

Bridal Shower Gift

This charcuterie board will add to any home’s beauty, making it perfect for a housewarming gift!

It makes a great gift to your favorite person, a gift you can both enjoy for your anniversary together.

Bambüsi cheeseboard is a clever and giftable bridal shower or wedding gift ready to give!

Product Highlights

Smooth Edges Cheeseboard

Smooth Edges Cheeseboard

Slide-Out Hidden Drawer

Slide-Out Hidden Drawer

Deep Grooves

Deep Grooves



What you want for the cheese board is functional and practical features such as smoothness. Our cheese boards feature a clear coating of mineral oil for a smooth finish that you will love.

Together with the board, there is a cutlery set along with a slide-out drawer. The smooth-sliding hidden drawer keeps four stainless steel cheese tools tidy.

What makes this board unique is the groove that holds the crackers in place. There’s no need for a separate basket to hold the crackers; the groove keeps them in place around the cheese ball.

With its 13.5-inches by 13.5-inch size, this 100% natural bamboo cheese board is large and spacious, the perfect size for easy serving in any event.

Cheeseboard UtensilsCheeseboard Utensils

Premium Bamboo Charcuterie Board IconsPremium Bamboo Charcuterie Board Icons

Bambusi Bamboo logoBambusi Bamboo logo

Bambüsi Collection | Live Beautifully

You love your home, and so do we. From kitchen to dining room to home spa, we help you turn your space into a thing of beauty. That’s why we design functional accessories and expressive décor pieces that put the art in your home.

Why Moso Bamboo?

Bamboo is gentler on knives than plastic and easier to clean and maintain than hardwood. – Moso Bamboo is a grass, and its roots remain and quickly regrows after harvest. It’s grown organically without artificial irrigation or re-planting.

Just follow these guidelines to keep it looking new:

Clean after each use, especially if wet.Handwash with mild soap and water.Handwash with mild soap and water.Re-season with oil as needed

Stylish & Good Looking

BPA Free


Renewable Resource

Water Resistant

Low Maintenance



100% Natural Bamboo / Stainless Steel

100% Natural Bamboo / Stainless Steel

Natural Black Slate

100% Natural Bamboo

100% Natural Bamboo / Stainless Steel


Hidden drawer / Wide Juice Grooves

Hidden drawer / Wide Juice Grooves with Labels & Markers

3 Labels / 3 Markers

Deep Juice Grooves / Convenient Handle

Portable Design / Easy Installation


13.5″ x13.5″ inches

13.5″ x13.5″ inches

5 Slate Labels / 2 Chalk Makers

17.75×13 13×9.5 11×8.7 8.25×0.5 inches

13×13 inches


[Premium Bamboo Wood Construction] Bambüsi Cheese Board is intricately handcrafted from All-Natural, Organic, and Sustainable Moso Bamboo, which makes it 100% food-safe – formaldehyde-free, BPA-free, with no toxins or chemicals added.
[Complete Charcuterie Board Set] To complete your luxurious entertaining experience, we pack this Wooden Cheese Tray with 4 Cheese Knives and Utensils, 3 Slate Labels, 2 White Markers, a Wine Opener, and a Carrying Bag.
[Spacious Tray for Party Snacks] This Cheese Tray’ slide-out hidden drawer optimizes your dining space as it holds the included knives and utensils. It also has grooved edges to accommodate additional snacks such as crackers or meats.
[Superior Design and Quality] With its nonporous surface, this Cheese Cutting Board will not stain or absorb odors so you can always serve with confidence that your food is not contaminated. Plus, it resists knife scarring.
[A Great Gift Idea for Everyone] This Cheese Board is extremely versatile that you can use it as a Charcuterie Board, a Serving Tray, or a Cutting Board. Thus, it gives you a practical housewarming gift idea for your friends or loved ones.

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