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Product Description

automatic dog feederautomatic dog feeder

At a Glance:

Refills automatically

Stays clean longer

Big Capacity

Premium Quality

The BLUERISE Pet Feeder Bowl

The Feeder Bowl is made with Premium Quality non toxic plastic material and components that ensures the safetiness of your pet and the durability and longevity of the item.

The BLUERISE Pet Drinking Bowl

Is a great tool for keeping your pets hydrated while you’re away. It also fills out the bowl automatically as long as the water gallon still has water in it.

dog feederdog feeder

About installation methods

The waterer works by detaching the bottle part from the base. Then you have to screw off the spring mechanism and fill the bottle with water. Rescrew on the spring lid. It shouldn’t spill or release water until you turn it over click it back onto the base, fitting the spring part into the designated spot on the base.

dog food bowl dog food bowl

Automatic running device

Automatic pet watering system with gravity feed design.The bucket is removable and easy to clean, it can be cleaned once every 2 or 3 weeks.

dog food bowls

dog food bowls







Gravity Pet Feeder & Waterer

Keep pets happily fed and watered with our gravity pet feeders and waterers. As supply low, the storage hopper automatically releases more.

Easy to Use

Simply unscrew the lid and fill the hopper with up to 6 pounds of dry pet food (feeder) or water (waterer). Each design allows level dispensing.

BLUERISE gravity pet feeder and waterer with lid and clear storage

Durable Design

These convenient pet pals feature a PP lid and base with a transparent storage hopper, which makes it easy to check food or water levels at a glance.

Side Handles and Non-Slip Feet

Convenient side cut-outs along the base serve as integrated side handles for easy lifting. Non-skid rubber feet help ensure secure placement.

PREMIUM QUALITY – BLUERISE Premium Quality dog water bowl dispenser and automatic dog feeder are made with premium quality non toxic plastic material and components that ensures the safetiness of your pet and the durability and longevity of the item.
AUTOMATIC REFILL: The dog water bowl and cat food dispenser slowly dispenses water to prolong time between refills. Perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles. Holds 3.75L to accommodate large pets.
SPILL FREE WATER STATION: Stable, twist-lock base prevents tipping and the dog water dispenser features a spill-resistant lip to keep floors safe. Unscrew the bowl & bottle for easy washing.
EASY TO CLEAN – BLUERISE Pet Automatic Feeder and Water Dispenser can easily be cleaned. Just detach the plastic gallon on top of each food and water bowl and you can wash it individually.
Top lid and base made of PP: Cat feeder automatic made of transparent PET, which allows for checking food levels at a glance .

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