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Here, at CLICK ‘n PLAY – and our twin company – PRECIOUS TOYS , we’ve learned that when it comes to toys, kids win, hands down. The games you find boring, they find riveting. The toys you rate durable, they can dismantle in seconds. The fun playthings you choose… well, they would play with anything but that. But kids – they know everything. This is their natural habitat!

Our kids have high expectations. They want the best in quality and fun and sophistication and durability. We’re sure your kids want the same. So, we follow their lead – as they lead us forward, two steps at a time.

One last thing. We spend so much time around kids that we insist on treating our customers with kid-gloves, too. To be clear, and kind. And do all the right things that make buying toys fun for adults and kids at once.

Three cheers for our toys. They louder cheers for our kids.

Little Girls pink purse loaded with everyday accessories, a great pretend play set for preschoolers, toddlers.
Set includes; Decorative Pink Purse, Smartphone, car keys, credit card, hair brush, Lipstick, Blush with applicator.
Pink purse features 2 carrying handles and a zipper for closing. All items and accessories are safe for little kids!
Smartphone and car keys make real life sounds and lights. Car keys and smartphone operate on 2, 3 LR44 button batteries respectively.
Pretend imaginative play sets helps develop child’s imaginary cognitive skills.

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