Dryer Vent Cleaner Ki


Product Description

DRYER VENT CLEANER KIT-Making your appliance runs more efficiently and securely

Dryer Lint Vacuum AttachmentDryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

Multi Use Features

Vacuum Hose Attachment

Vacuum Hose Attachment

Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

Dryer Vent Cleaner KitDryer Vent Cleaner Kit

Don’t let this happen in your Dryer!

The lint clogged dryers is a potential Fire hazard

Lint Cleaning ToolsLint Cleaning Tools

Essential for Dryer Vent-Our long attachment hose attaches to your vacuum and lets you clean the deep recesses of your appliances. Perfect for your washing machine, dryer, freeze dryer machine, and more can run more efficiently. Flexible and handy hose is perfect for removing lint build-up beyond you can’t reach
Helps Prevent Fires-The dust lint is the main cause of fire in the dryer. Every year there are tens of thousands of fires caused by the failure of the dryer. So we need this dryer vent cleaner kit to keep cleaning of the dryer and prevent fires
Improve Dryer Performance – The dryer that cannot be cleaned for many years accumulates a lot of dirt. The vents will become narrow or even blocked. Our dryer lint vacuum attachment can clean the vents effectively and make your equipment runs more efficiently
A Cost-Effective Cleaning Kit-Dryer Lint Cleaner kit adds years to your appliances. You will have saved more money in cleaning and maintenance costs. Not only that, but you are helping them avoid lint fires. Keep them safe and protect the performance of dryer. It is valuable for you to choose this dryer vent vacuum hose
Widely Applicable-After connecting the vacuum cleaner, suitable for most vacuum cleaner, the vacuum hose attachment can not only clean the dryer, washing machine, but also clean the dust accumulated in the gaps of the keyboard, bookshelf, air conditioner and other items

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