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No time to fix yourself?

Busy parents, professionals, and even busy students do not have time to groom, apply make-up, and oftentimes forgot to comb their hair before leaving their home. In this fast-paced lifestyle, we struggle to compete with time. Juggling between work and family, putting on make-up isn’t a priority.

The good news is this vanity mirror is a personal mirror designed for everyday use for grooming, applying makeup, doing your hair, and generally help you to look your best every day. You can easily install this visor vanity mirror in your car or take it with you everywhere. Whether you are running late for work, school, or a meeting, you can have a quick look at yourself so you can groom or retouch your makeup when necessary. This LED light mirror for cars will always keep you in check and at your best.

You may also use your new car mirror accessory as an extra rear mirror. If you have kids or pets, you have a glimpse of what’s going on in the backseat without adjusting your main rear mirror. It keeps you more focused on the road.

As an added bonus, this visor vanity mirror is so lightweight making it perfect to bring when you are going on a picnic, travel, or road trip. We designed this visor mirror easy to attach/detach and thin so you take it with you everywhere you go. No more messy hair and makeup. Now, you can walk in a family or friend’s gathering and awe them with your stunning look and with oozing confidence.

How to use
Long press to adjust the brightness of the lights. Memory function makes this mirror retains its brightness and color settings.

LED Lights: 48 white lights; 12 yellow lights
SMART Touch Control: Two touch sensors
Rechargeable Battery: Built-in Lithium Battery
Working Hours: 8 hours
Charging Cable: 3 meters

What’s in the Box
1 x Car Visor Vanity Mirror
1 x USB charging cable
Rechargeable & Portable: The makeup vanity mirror has been upgraded with a built-in lithium battery that can be charged and used without always plugging in the charging cable. Powered with a 1700 mah rechargeable battery and the power cord has been extended and upgraded to 3 meters.
3 Color Lighting Modes: This vanity visor mirror has two touch sensors, short press the two sensor switches to change the 3 light colors: white, warm, white warm. Long press to adjust the brightness. Stepless dimming technology and intelligent memory function make this lighted makeup mirror much smarter than traditional ones.
Fully Adjustable LED Lights: This car vanity makeup mirror has 48 white lights and 12 yellow lights, which is 40% brighter and uses 60% less energy than normal bulbs. In addition, the car visor vanity mirror has a memory function saving its last brightness and color settings.
USB Power Supply: This car sun visor mirror with lights is powered by Type-C, 2 interface design, which can be easily charged wherever you are. It can be charged through the car, socket, computer, and mobile power.
Universal Size Design: The size of this car vanity makeup mirror is 10.2(L)*5.3(W)*0.4(H) inch, suitable for most of the sun visors of cars. This car vanity mirror is compact, lightweight, and saves more space inside the car. The adjustable velcro ensures the mirror is mounted safely.

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