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hubitat elevation hub elevate your environmenthubitat elevation hub elevate your environment

hubitat, hub, smart hub, smart home, home automationhubitat, hub, smart hub, smart home, home automation

This is Home Automation as it Should Be

Fast Automations

No cloud, no latency, no delays. Your devices turn on and off when they should.


Local processing means your devices and automations work even when your internet is down.


User data stored locally in hub for privacy and security; never sold to third parties.

*NEW* Z-Wave 700 Chip

S2 wireless security

SmartStart device inclusion

Z-Wave Plus V2 Certified

light fixture

light fixture

google home smart speaker

google home smart speaker

hubitat dashboard on tablet

hubitat dashboard on tablet

mobile phone in hand

mobile phone in hand

Built-In Automation Apps

Powerful built-in apps such as Rule Machine, Simple Automation Rules, Mode Manager and Motion Lighting let you build your own unique automations for all of your smart devices. No coding required–but custom coding is also allowed.

Device Compatibility

Works with a wide range of smart devices, including lights, speakers, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, smoke/water detectors, locks, thermostats, sensors, Lutron (requires Lutron SmartBridge Pro) and more.

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards can be customized for each room and user for remote monitoring and control of your home.

Mobile App

Free iOS and Android mobile app includes device control, dashboards, presence sensor and management tools.

Alexa, google assistant, zigbee, z-wave, luton, ecobee, Sonos, Phillips hue, kwiksetAlexa, google assistant, zigbee, z-wave, luton, ecobee, Sonos, Phillips hue, kwikset

hubitat elevation logohubitat elevation logo

New Z-Wave 700 radio supports S2 security and SmartStart device inclusion (Model C-7 hub)

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