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Sky High Metal Rolling Tray – Medium size

Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays

Creative and colorful designs

The Relaxing Astronaut
The Hoverboarding Astronaut
The Moon Man
420 Nun
A night view of America from space with added lighting effects
Trippy waves for a fun optical illusion
Rainbow Ink: a simple yet beautiful technique of ink being dropped into a water tank
Ice Cream Cones

Cooking grade durable metal trays

Hand washing safe
Dishwasher safe
Conventional oven safe (Not recommended to exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit)

Multiple Uses

Cigarette rolling
Hand crafting
Clean tinkering
Food safe

SKY HIGH Rolling Tray Display

SKY HIGH Rolling Tray Display

Protective shipping

Each tray is individually wrapped and sealed to protect the design of the artwork during storage and transit to insure you receive your product without damaged, scratched, or dirty artwork. Remove the film and enjoy your clean vibrant new rolling tray.

Please handle and dispose of all packaging materials properly and safely. Never leave toddlers or children unattended with shrink wrap or other thin film materials as it may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing.

Sky High Rolling Tray, Aluminum Grinder, and Cones

Sky High Rolling Tray, Aluminum Grinder, and Cones

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Trays, Grinder, Lighters, and Hemp Wicks.

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6 designs that match our trays
6 designs that match our trays
Available in Natural Brown, or Organic White. 1 1/4″ & KS. 10, 30, 60 cones counts.
Available in packs of 5, 10, or a box of 25. Can be bundled with a RAW or ELEMENTS brand roller.
Bulk spool for extended use, easy to cut to preferred size lengths.
Boxes of 100 Tips

Medium (7×11″)
Medium (7×11″)
Medium (7×11″)

Durable Metal Aluminum
Durable Metal Aluminum
Durable Metal Aluminum

Smoke Cargo
Smoke Cargo
Smoke Cargo

DURABLE DESIGN: Our metal trays are cooking grade, designed to last you forever. They are dishwasher safe, and conventional oven safe (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit). Please do not microwave metal trays.
MULTIPLE USES: Rolling, crafting, tinkering… Even works as a sweet cafeteria tray if you want a unique munchies plate.
CREATIVE COLORFUL: Each of the SKY HIGH designs are personally crafted and unique to the brand.
EASY TO CLEAN: A little soap and water goes a long way. However for those more stubborn stains, a quick rinse in the dishwasher is perfectly safe for the artwork and should not damage it. (Although we suspect most are totally safe, we do not know if all brands of dish soaps and detergents are safe for the trays! If in doubt, use a small bit of your detergent on an edge or corner to be sure it will not cause the artwork damage in your dishwasher)
LARGE SIZED TRAY: All our large sized trays are 11″x13″x1.25″ (actual size is: “10.78”x13.375″x1.125″)

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