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Pix Perfect DIY Sequin Pixel Art for girls boys teens kids 8bit arts and crafts crafting kit

Pix Perfect DIY Sequin Pixel Art for girls boys teens kids 8bit arts and crafts crafting kit

Pix Perfect is a new pixel art craft where vibrant sequins are arranged on a pixel board to create shining masterpieces of favorite characters, animals and much more. The reusable sequin pixels come in a variety of colors to create as many works of art as your imagination can conceive!

Why kids & adults love Pix Perfect!

1. It’s DIY 3D Sequin Pixel Art

Pix Perfect combines two fun trends; pixel art AND sequins, making it a fun and eye-catching Do-It-Yourself toy/craft.

2. Pixing is Fun & Easy

Simply insert the pegs into the pixel board and arrange your sequins by following one of our patterns or creating your own. Just be sure to insert the pegs in the correct direction.

3. Reusable Over & Over Again

Our Pix Perfect pixel boards and sequin pixels are reusable. So, you can change your design with your decor or the seasons.

4. Your Art is Sure to Impress

The sequins dangle, so they will move & shimmer with the subtle breeze of a nearby fan creating an amazing effect. A finished Pix Perfect creation is truly something to proudly display (hence the proud peacock as our logo). The holographic pixels reflect light so people sometimes mistaken them for LED lights when they are dangling and moving. Your artwork is sure to impress!

5. A “Grow-With-Me” Toy/Craft

Our kits include a design-idea booklet, but inspiration for millions of designs can be found online. Because of the diverse design possibilities, our STEM Authenticated ‘Pixel Art Kits’ are a true “grow-with-me” toy/craft. Little ones, teens and adults can all enjoy countless hours of creative fun changing and displaying their creations with the seasons, decor or interests as they grow. Moms are often known to “borrow” their kids Pix Perfect to create their own masterpieces to display in the home.

6. STEM-Authenticated

Whether following a pattern or creating an original design, Pixing allows for creativity, problem solving, and strengthening of artistic skills.

Every creation requires simple counting and pattern following when arranging the pixels.
What if a pixel is placed in the wrong spot? Simply problem-solve by retracing the pattern to locate the error and correct its position.
What colors to choose? A room full of children could follow a Pix Perfect Pattern and no two would be exactly alike because of the colors they choose!

Create it, display it and do it again & again!

pixel art colors

pixel art colors

20 Pixel Colors = Endless Design Possibilities

The Pixel Art Kit comes with 20 different pixel colors. 12 colors are our traditional pixel finish and 8 are holographic that really give your creation that extra sparkle that is sure to impress.

design idea pattern book

design idea pattern book

54 Design Idea Booklet

Follow one of the 54 designs in our Design Idea Booklet or create your own. Or find inspiration for millions of designs by searching online for “pixel art” and the subject of your choice. Then, select a pattern that will fit nicely in the 24 row x 24 columns space on our pixel board. With 20 pixel colors to create with, the design possibilities are truly endless!

Create favorite characters, sports team logos, animals, seasonal designs & much, much more!

pixel art dog

pixel art dog

diy sequin pixel art snowman christmas craft

diy sequin pixel art snowman christmas craft

sports sequin pixel art craft diy

sports sequin pixel art craft diy

Create Animal Designs

Have a favorite animal? Our design idea booklet includes patterns for cats, dogs, birds, raccoons, frogs, owls and much more!

Create Seasonal Designs

Change your design with the seasons. Our design book includes patterns for many holidays and season.

Create Sports-Themed Designs

Celebrate your favorite sport or sports team with Pix Perfect. Most team logos can be found online by searching for pixel art.

How to Create the Bling Effect!

DIY Do It Yourself Sequin Pixel Art Craft for Boys and Girls

DIY Do It Yourself Sequin Pixel Art Craft for Boys and Girls

Proudly Display Your Art

Once the sequin pixels are attached to the pegs on the pixel board, you can tilt the piece upright to help them fall into place.

Then proudly display your masterpiece on a desktop or have an adult help you hang it on the wall.

TIP: The sequins dangle freely as shown in the photo above. This allows them to move freely and shimmer with subtle breeze of a nearby fan. Many people like to aim a fan at their artwork to simulate the look of LED wall art. It is truly something to behold. BLING BLING!

Pix Perfect is the best new creative pixel art platform since Lite Brite! Be the envy of your friends with this unique & fun craft experience. Simply insert the pegs into the panels and hang colorful sequins to create your own Pix Perfect masterpiece. Create characters, logos, 8-bit designs and more! And, when you’re ready for a change, our reusable pixels can easily be replaced to create new designs whenever you wish.
How to create: Simply insert the pegs into the panel. Then, hang colorful sequin pixels from the pegs to create a pixelated image of your choice. To display your creation, screws have been provided to mount your panels onto the included canvas. Note: Panels are approx. 1-foot x 1-foot, which is the perfect size for displaying your creation on a tabletop or on a wall.
What’s included: 8,000 reusable sequin pixels in 20 different colors; a variety of rainbow & holographic pixels. 1 black panel, 1 bag of pegs and 1 wall mounting canvas
Countless possibilities: 50 design idea booklet and thousands more online. Pixel art is very popular so there are many design ideas to be found by searching “pixel art”, “8 bit” “Perler pattern” or even “cross stitch”. Just be sure to find a design that will fit nicely within our panel which is 24 pixels tall and 24 pixels wide. Instructions are also included to guide you in creating your masterpiece.

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