SILIVN Tongue and Gro


◆If you make woodworking for wood flooring and do the tongue and groove joints joints on thinner wood, this is a great choice. It is a professional tongue and groove router bit for carpenter hand making wood floor or other woodworking. You can use the router bit to make a lock joint for wooden floors, and these joints have a lot more surface area and much better resistance.

◆Featuring three router cutters, this tongue and groove router bit set will allow you to produce various of diy woodworking projects including:
♥cabinet doors
♥wood flooring
♥outdoor frames

All cutters are mounted on standard 1/2″ shanks and feature industrial quality micro grain tungsten carbide tips which are razor sharp and are fully resharpenable.

◆This 3-piece woodworking router bit set that includes:
1xTongue Router Bit ½ Shank
1xGroove Router Bit ½ Shank
1×45°Lock Miter Bit ½ Shank
Max Rotating Speed: 12000
Material: Alloy blade, carbon steel handle
Cutter: CNC ground to a 600 grit, mirror-like finish

◆Please Kindly Note that:
»Always notice to add some Coolant (like water) when operating, in case the material temperature will get very high even get smoke because of the long time operating.
»The tool must be fully inserted into the casing and tighten firmly, otherwise it may lead to fracture caused damage to the tool shank.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – This carbide tipped router bits are built to last and are constructed using high quality materials, this durable router bit set will allow you to complete all your projects with confidence.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL SET – Including Tongue and Groove Router Bit & 45°Lock Miter Bit total 3 pieces, perfect for woodworking, edging, trimming, grooving, veining wood projects, and ideal for window frames, doors, office cabinets, flooring tables, bedroom shelves, walls and so on. Works great with all kinds of materials
WORK GREAT WITH MANY KINDS OF MATERIALS – Suitable for woods, MDF, solid wood, particle board, plywood compact panel and more.However, please avoid to cut ferrous metal and non wood materials, such as steel, iron and sand.
ACCURATE AND NEAT – Tungsten carbide tipped cutters make clean and accurate cuts on all types of wood to slice smoothly into stock producing clean and splinter free.Moreover, the router bits are housed in plastic case for easy storage, easy to carry out homework.

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