Square D by Schneider


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Manage your home’s energy in real-time with the Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor. This can be an integral part of your home because it notifies you when devices are on are off. It makes fore a more safe and efficiently run home because of the tracking of your home’s energy sources. Compatible with most single phase 120/240V electrical panels up to 200A. There’s living and there’s living wisely, and with the Wiser Energy Monitor.

Take control of your energy through smart device integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Phillips Hue, TP-Link, WeMo and more
Keep tabs on your home activity from anywhere with the easy to use Sense mobile app know when the kids arrive home, when the clothes are dry or whether the sump pump is running
Get notified with instant, customizable alerts of appliances left on or off no worrying whether the oven was left on or the curling iron was left plugged in
Reduce your electric bill with live energy tracking and detailed view by appliance
Set budgets to manage your energy expenditures before you get a bill

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