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Still puzzled with whether your batteries are good or bad? Now it is quite easy with our battery tester. X-cosrack home battery checker tester applies supperior copper and adjustable leads ensures the accuracy of test.It can not only used as battery capacity percentage detector, but also used as voltage and battery internal resistance meter,like simple multimeter, but it’s easier to operate and cheaper than multi-meter.
This versatile tester can help you know your batteries’ health clearly. Having good batteries is important for you to DIY battery pack.

* Large clear LCD display
* Compatible with all home standard and rechargeable batteries
* Easy to operate with adjustable copper leads
* Small size, portable handheld tester
* Powered by 2x AAA battery( battery not included)
* Certificated by CE/RoHS/FCC High Compatibility, One Tester is Enough. Work with:
a. 1.2V Ni-MH Cylindrical Batteries: AAAA, AAA, AA, A, C, SC, D
b. 1.4V Zinc air battery: A10, A13, A312, A675
c. 1.5V alkaline cylindrical batteries: AAA, AA, C, SC, D
d. 1.5V alkaline button cell: LR621(AG1), LR726(AG2), LR41(AG3), LR626(AG4), LR754(AG5) LR921(AG6), LR927(AG7), LR1120(AG8), LR936(AG9), LR1130(AG10), LR721(AG11), LR43(AG12), LR44(AG13)
e. 3.0V lithium manganese button cell: CR1025, CR1216, CR1220, CR1616, CR1620, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2320, CR2430, CR2450
f. 3.0V lithium manganese column battery: CR123A, CR2
g. 6.0V lithium manganese battery pack: 2CR5, CR-P2
h. 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery: 10440,14500,14650,16340, 17335, 17500,18500, 18650, 26500, 22650, 26650, 32650
i. 3.7V lithium-ion battery: 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17335, 17500, 18500, 18650, 26500, 22650, 26650, 32650, 3271
j. 9.0V alkaline 9.0V battery: 6LR61
k. 12.0V alkaline batteries: 23A, 27A Package including:
* 1x Dlyfull battery checker tester with leads
*1x User Manual

HIGH COMPATIBILITY: This digital battery tester fit for all common batteries from small to large- AAAA, AAA, AA, A, C, SC, D, 9V, 3.7V 10440,18650, CR2, CRV3, 2CR5, A13, various button cell(LR621, CR2032)etc.; perfect household battery tester for disposable and rechargeable batteries
CLEAR LCD SCREEN: Easy to read the state of your battery, it will analyze whether your battery is good or not or whether they need to be charged; compact and lightweight tool, portable handheld tester
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TESTER: This battery checker can not only detect battery capacity percentage level precisely, but measure the voltage and internal resistance of household battery, equal to simple multimeter. Capacity percentage indicates battery power is high or low, and resistance reflects whether battery quality is good or not, smaller resistance, better battery
EASY TO USE: Just switch corresponding voltage and use leads to test, no need to insert battery into slot; the digital tester will quickly show the status of your batteries’ health, helps to avoid battery damage from overcharging. POWERED by 2 NON-RECHARGEABLE AAA ALKALINE BATTERIES
WHAT YOU GET: Dlyfull universal battery checker tester (2 AAA batteries not included), 24hrs freindly customer service and 100% unconditional return or refund if any quality problem

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