URTOYPIA Plastic Putt


From the manufacturer

Flexible and Durable Scraper:

♦ These plastic putty knives have a flexible and sturdy blade that can be bent but not broken. It can easily scrape wallpapers, putty and walls. Our reinforced plastic putty knives are more durable, flexible and efficient than other common plastic putty knives.

Scientific Blade Bevel:

♦ After a lot of experimental tests, these putty knives use the most suitable blade bevel angle, which can improve the effect of use. It can easily flatten the putty or paint without pits and at the same level.

♦ The tools manufactured by this factory are exported to Australia in large quantities. Therefore, You don’t need to worry about the quality of this multi-purpose putty knife.

Scraping Loose Putty

♦ These plastic putty knife kits are available in different sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Choose the right size putty scraper to easily remove the loose putty.

Fill Putty

♦ These putty knives are ideal for wall repairs and smears. Suitable for construction workers, carpenters and DIY enthusiasts.

Paint Scraper

♦ As paint scrapers, it can be used to extract and apply paint. Suitable for carpentry workers and carpenters.

Clean Up Snow

♦ It can also be used to remove snow from cars and windshields. Plastic blade does not scratch the window of car.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – These plastic putty knife set are made of high-quality PP plastic, which won’t bend or break under pressure, and the plastic putty scraper is stainless and flexible, making it an excellent alternative to iron scraper tools.
Focus on every detail -These plastic putty knives have blade edges that help to scrape and fill putty. Avoids scratch contact, make you to easily complete the repair without wasting filler. The ergonomic design does not make you feel uncomfortable and tired due to prolonged use.
MULTIFUNCTION – Different putty knife sizes are used to best suit various usage scenarios. Ideal for scraping wallpapers, scraping putty, scraping walls, repairing cracks in drywall, baked goods and pasting and cleaning wallpaper. It can be used for adhesive film on mobile phones and cars, is a must-have multi-purpose tool for home and constructions workers, carpenters, handymen, and auto body technicians.
SIZE – These plastic putty knives comes in three sizes, including 2, 4, 6 inches. 2” size :7.0*1.76 inch(180* 50mm);4” size :7.0*3.93inch(180*100mm); 6” size :7.63*5.9inch(194*150mm);You can choose plastic scraper in different sizes depending on the usage scene.
The plastic putty knife set work perfect and you sure can’t beat the economical price. The durable and flexible plastic scraper doesn’t disappoint you, it can scrap old caulking without damaging. According to the condition, the plastc putty scraper in varied sizes will performance well. These scraper tools very light, you can use it for a long time house cleaning without muscular soreness.

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