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Here’s a must-have tool for every home.

Katzco’s Mini Magnetic Parts toolset holds small parts securely: bolts, scrap metals, sockets, bits, nails, and more. Avoid the hassle of losing those important tools or parts by keeping them in a safe place.

Katzco’s handy magnetic tray will help you track of tiny parts, fasteners, and other devices that could get lost in the mix as well as rolling or sliding. Made of high-quality materials, this powerful magnet is sturdy enough to hold the tray. With proper care, this product can last a long time.

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PRACTICAL AND USEFUL – Katzco’s magnetic parts bowl will hold any small steel or metal objects – nuts, bolts, screws, nails, needles, thimbles, parts, small tools and much more – within reach of the work area. It guarantees that the product on the roll is accessible at all times.
LONG-LASTING USE – It has a base of rubber-coated magnets to prevent scratching the paint of finished surfaces. The strong magnets ensure that it stays where you place it.
EASY TO INSTALL – This tray sticks fast to any ferrous metal surface in your shop: hoods, fenders, and much more. You can place it sideways or even upside down. It comes with a telescoping pick-up tool for dropped nuts or bolts as well as a telescoping mirror to inspect all manner of hard-to-see locations.
GOOD QUALITY AND DESIGN – Made from premium quality, non-toxic materials, this product has a sturdy magnet built into the base to ensure long-term use. This benchtop accessory keeps small parts all in one place.
PACKAGE INCLUDES – 3 pieces: 4.25” holder, 6.5 “ x 19” telescoping inspection mirror, and 6.5” x 33” magnetic pick-up tool. This magnetic tool set is perfect for automotive, home and office repairs.


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