Peaktop 201601PT Floo


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Looking for a new touch to add to your garden? Why not try out our Tiered Bowls Fountain with LED Light. The LED Light adds a nice addition to the already picturesque fountain and the falling water is sure to create a serene environment to help you relax.

RELAXING SOUND: Water smoothly cascades from each tier to mimic the sounds of waterfall, blocking away noices around.
DURABLE: Constructed with polyresin material to be rust and weather resistant.
INCLUDES: UL-listed Recirculating Pump JR-600 (Max flow Rate: 400 L/H, Power: 7 watts, Lift Height: 1M) with 72″ chord & 3 Set of 4 Led Lights
IDEAL SIZE: 16. 34″(L) x 15. 55″(W) x 32″(H), WEIGHT: 28. 60 lb DIMENSIONS: (W) 15. 55″ x (L) 16. 34″ x (H) 33″ CAPACITY: 6. 60 gallon


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